About me

Hey, I’m Duncan Teege, officially named Duncan Teegelaar. I cut off the last 4 letters for my online presence because a non Dutchie wouldn’t know how to pronounce it. This way it’s just a tad bit easier! To be fair... many Dutch citizens even write my lastname wrong :(

About web development

I started learning (web) development when I started my bachelors at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. I had a rough start (first grade was an F... darn memory game in JavaScript. I will get my revenge). Over the years I started to get it more and more. The biggest change actually wasn’t regarding programming. It was regarding the approach and the mindset. I wrote about it in this blogpost.

I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and TypeScript daily. Although I’m constantly changing between projects, my focus current is regarding NextJS together with a Headless CMS. Currently the Headless CMS of choice is Sanity, using GROQ.

I’ve always had a feeling for designing as well. Even though I mostly create minimalistic, simple designs, I do feel it’s worthy to note I make the designs myself in Figma! Together with the occasional logo design, it’s something I like doing besides web development.

About Duncan

Time to get to know me for real! I’m 25 years old and I’ve got many different hobbies and focuses. I love to go for a drive on my motorcycle. The feeling you get when you’re driving all by yourself, just you and the machine flying through the air. It’s such a freeing feeling that, if you can drive responsibly, I recommend everyone to feel.

Duncan Teege on a motorcycle

Next to this I am also really into other worlds. I write it like this because I mean videogames, movies/shows and even books! All these form of entertainment is amazing to me and I can never get enough of it. I go to the cinema at least once a week.

Alright it’s taken me long enough to finally tell you about my love for dogs as well. I wanted to say it first thing on this page, but like... I had to seem somewhat normal before I shared my obsession with border collies. I got this obsession from my parents, but come on. Seeing these two dogs makes all problems go away right?!

Duncan Teege with Skye, a border collie puppy

That’s it for now. I have plenty more to share, but I’ll get to that later. However, if you really do feel like you want to get in contact with me, I’m always open for a (virtual) chat. You can reach out to me on hi@duncanteege.com!